Bitcoin is not anonymous. Protect your privacy by anonymizing your Bitcoin.

Enter a destination address so we know where to send your anonymized Bitcoin.


Our minimum service fee is 0.25%. You can choose a custom fee to prevent blockchain analysis for further privacy. (for advanced users)

See stats for average mixing time. Your transaction data is deleted once complete.

Why BitSafe

Bitcoin is a secure cryptocurrency that allows a good level of privacy, but it is not anonymous.

In the Bitcoin network, all transactions are public. This means that if someone knows your Bitcoin wallet address, they can find every transaction related to that wallet - where every amount of Bitcoin came from, and where it went to.

BitSafe breaks the link by using our large reserve to transfer different Bitcoins to your destination than the ones we receive from you.

You get Bitcoins with a completely different transaction history, and your privacy is protected.

How It Works


Provide a destination address to receive your anonymized Bitcoin, and hit the Go BitSafe button.


We'll generate a one-time address for you to use. Send any amount of Bitcoin to this address for anonymization.


When we receive Bitcoin at your one-time address, we'll mix Bitcoin from our reserve from completely different sources and send it to your destination address.


After your transaction is complete, we delete all information about your transfer. Your Bitcoin is safe and your privacy is protected.


Statistics are anonymized and updated daily

24 hour transaction volume ~42 BTC
Average confirmation time ~7.2 minutes
Reserve volume Between 800 and 1,050 BTC


For any questions about BitSafe, or help with BitSafe transactions, please contact [email protected].

For business enquiries, please contact [email protected].